Cyber Career

Entry and Acceleration

Our Mission

"To accelerate and scale the development of a next-generation cybersecurity workforce who are more attractive to hire and can deliver productivity from day one."

Cost effective career entry and/or career acceleration.

Get mentored by industry leading professionals.

Experiential learning, individual and team exercises developing practical experience from cyber security challenges in the workplace.

Industry driven and designed to help you to become "workplace ready". 

What Our Delegates Say

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“This course literally opened doors for me”


Now NY State Police, Cyber Analyst

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“I was able to work alongside, and learn from, leaders of industry”


Now Analyst at US Dept Justice, National Cyber Security Operations

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“The course still helps me a lot in my current job”


Now Analyst at The [Banking] Deposit Guarantee Board (LPS) Indonesia

Who is this program for?

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A 12-week proven virtual program aimed at new or recent entrants into the cybersecurity profession that:

  • Are looking to benefit from being mentored by a global network of highly experienced Cyber and Risk professionals.

  • Have an appetite to gain experience in dealing with real world cybersecurity business challenges.

  • Benefit from military experience, technical skills and/or a good education but lack the all-important business-related soft skills and workplace context required to be successful in the commercial cybersecurity profession.

  • Are individuals from outside of the profession that are considering/seeking to convert to cybersecurity, risk management, audit or resilience roles but cannot find a route in.