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Benefits for Individuals

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A Focus On Structured Career Development!

Understanding the cyber security landscape, routes into the profession and, increasingly, how to develop within the profession can be challenging. We have taken the guesswork out of personal development and have created educational programs designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills required to succeed in what we believe is a 'profession of professions'.

All programs, at both entry level and practitioner level have been designed with national and international cyber security workforce development programs in mind, in particular the UK Cyber Security Council 16 Cyber Security Specialisms. CySec Professionals Ltd is a proud member of the UK Cyber Security Council.


Educational content, courses and mentoring develops core competencies (knowledge, skills and attributes) required to join the profession and to develop your career across its 16 specialisms.

Our programs can be used as a resource to identify career development pathways for both future and existing practitioners. We will even notify you of vacancies we are made aware of, aligned to your personal educational program!

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Industry aligned career pathways

  • Educational programs aligned to national and international development frameworks

  • Focussing on industry best practice

  • Typical 3-12 month program delivery aligned to your availability

  • NIST NICE Framework

  • UK Cyber Security Council 16 Specialisms

  • Accredited and Certified training

Curriculum Vitae

Industry recognised qualifications

  • Handpicked courses from quality, global, training providers and partners:

    • including NCSC Assured training

  • A minimum of 6 examinable courses on each program

  • Globally recognised qualifications

  • Qualifications and training embedded within B2B customer staff development programs

Networking Event

Enhanced personal development opportunities

Reaching a Deal

Vacancy notification aligned to specific educational programs

  • Education programs aligned to national and international workforce development programs

  • Qualifications and competence aligned to the needs of our B2B customer organisations

  • Continuing professional development support:

    • each program includes 12 months access to over 250 technical and non-technical self-study courses​

  • Many organisations use our educational programs and/or individual training courses for staff development, some wholesale, as a 'standard' for staff professional development

    • Public and Private Sector organisations, globally

  • With a large network of hiring managers and recruiters, we are trusted and unsurprisingly become aware of vacancies within our customer base

    • You will become aware of vacancies as soon as we do, aligned to your educational program

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