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Win The War For Talent

To overcome skills shortages and win the war for talent the answer is to build your own pipeline.


  • This program is proven, economic and effective.

  • Employers report that our virtual program is reducing on-boarding time by 3-9 months.

  • Most employers accept that few perfect candidates exist, so they will have to invest in a training program to get recent hires into productivity and retain them.

  • Many of your employees will be keen to mentor cyber-interns for “give-back” and/or to reduce the typical impact associated with new hires.

  • Mentoring a cohort through a ‘prolonged interview’, allows you to identify good candidates as they mature their learning, skills and experience. 

  • Good fit candidates are estimated to be 6 times more effective than a bad hire.

This virtual program is a proven solution to help you economically:

  • Attract the right workforce-ready talent.

  • Up-skill, cross-skill, train and develop your existing talent pool.

  • Accelerate time to productivity.

  • Promote and retain talent.

  • Meet diversity and inclusion KPIs - ~43% of Cyber-Interns are women. is an organisation and industry led movement made up by member firms and individuals like you. It exists because traditional approaches of finding candidates with cyber skills from education or the market is not working.


Our programs accelerate the experiential learning of the skills, experience and understanding of cybersecurity in the context of business, markets, advances in technologies, critical infrastructure, risk management, organisational resiliency, and auditing.

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