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Vulnerability Management


Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability Management is the management of the configuration of protected systems to ensure that any vulnerabilities are understood and managed.

If you're passionate about IT security, then working in vulnerability management is an interesting and essential role in any organisation. You might work as a solo practitioner or as part of a larger vulnerability management or cyber security team. 

At a junior level, you probably work under supervision, assisting the team in looking for potential vulnerabilities in the organisation's systems. You use your investigative and analytical skills to the full, growing your expertise and expanding your knowledge at the same time. There may be opportunities to be involved with many projects, programmes and initiatives across your organisation, as well as within the cyber team itself. 

As a more experienced practitioner, you conduct and

On the program learners will receive knowledge and skills relating to the following areas:

  • Secure Operations and Service Delivery

  • Intrusion Detection and Analysis

  • Incident Management

  • Incident Analysis

  • Incident Response

  • Web and Mobile Security

  • Malware and Attack Technologies

  • Adversarial Behaviours

  • Network Security

  • Risk Management

  • Governance

  • Common Standards and Frameworks

  • NIST Cybersecurity Framework

  • ISO 27001

interpret vulnerability scans. You're probably involved with the team responding to security incidents, working out the root causes of incidents and collating the lessons learned. You drive fundamental change within the organisation by helping to develop security initiatives; this may include briefing and educating other teams within the organisation on vulnerabilities and solutions to them, or mentoring junior team members. 

You may be responsible for providing reports to clients on their systems’ vulnerabilities, turning technical analysis into something that non-technical readers can understand.

Entry Level Program

Learners will receive...

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Practitioner Level Program

Learners will receive...

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