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Our Academy Partners

Founded by iQ4 in conjunction with the Cybersecurity Workforce Alliance this virtual program is an industry-led movement which began in 2015 from a collaboration between iQ4 Corp and leading “Wall St” corporate CISOs and founding academic institutes with a simple mission:

“To accelerate and scale the development of a next-generation cybersecurity workforce who are more attractive to hire and can deliver productivity almost immediately upon being hired”

Industry leading professionals will mentor and coach you to learn and develop to be able to deal with current cyber related workplace challenges.  This model prepares you for interview and helps you deliver productivity sooner in any employer’s entry-level cyber roles.

iQ4 is a centralised platform, which assesses workforce skills risk, empowers individual career pathway mobility and mobilises applied learning through the strategic collaboration between students, academia, and the business world. The acquisition of skills during the virtual program empowers students and professionals with pertinent knowledge for future prospects.


Companies are able to develop and pipeline the next-generation cyber workforce in accordance with the demands of the market. iQ4 facilitates the creation of a competent workforce by uniting the independent initiatives of industry and academia.

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About the Cybersecurity Workforce Alliance (CWA)

The Cyber Workforce Alliance, a division founded by iQ4 Corporation, Chief Information Security Officers (CISO) representing the world’s largest financial firms and the City University of New York was created to scale the workforce readiness of students globally.


As an industry driven initiative, the organisation models an open-source approach to the project curriculum content and work role taxonomy. With over 2,500 members the CWA also provides a vast resource of subject matter experts that mentor teams in virtual projects as interns and apprentices.


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