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Digital Forensics


Digital Forensics

Digital Forensics is the process of identifying and reconstructing the relevant sequence of events that have led to the currently observable state of a target IT system.


You may be part of a forensics team, or working on your own but in co-operation with other type of specialists. If you're in a law enforcement role - perhaps in a police service - you contribute substantially to the investigation of crimes; in many cases, your work is crucial to the solving of a crime.

If you work in a corporate environment, you may examine malware or the effects of a breach to understand the vulnerabilities that have been exploited, the damage caused and the identity of the attackers.

On the program learners will receive knowledge and skills relating to the following areas:

  • Forensics

  • Legal and Regulatory Environment

  • Cyber-Physical systems security

  • Distributed Systems Security

  • Adversarial Behaviour

  • Software Security

  • Security Operations and Incident Management

  • Network Security

  • Web and Mobile Security

Most importantly, your conclusions help your organisation and others prevent further incidents of the same type. In some organisations, your responsibilities will be broader than digital forensics, perhaps including the initial detection of intrusions.

You have a deep understanding of software and, in some roles, hardware and industrial control systems. You understand both the formal records created by software processes, in logs, and the accidental traces that are left in memory and hardware, and you know how to find and interpret them both. It's likely that you use specialist software tools to find and analyse data, and specialist hardware tools to disassemble and extract electronic components if you need to recover data from devices like mobile phones. 

You're technically skilled, knowledgeable and a good learner.

Entry Level Program

Learners will receive...

Practitioner Level Program

Learners will receive...

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