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The Program

Image by Tyler Franta

"The Threat Within"

This 12-week virtual program is an exceptional opportunity, proven to help you gain knowledge and importantly develop workplace experience in a risk-free on-line team environment that increases your employability.


Delegates will become “Cyber-Interns” and work in teams with an instructor and industry experts as mentors, using the iQ4 applied learning platform.

Cyber-Interns adopt a cyber job role and work in a team throughout the program, to analyse real case scenarios, and understand the depth and breadth of cybersecurity from multiple perspectives.


Cyber-Interns and mentors will leverage the NIST Critical Security Framework (NIST CSF) to focus on the interrelated dimensions of threats and how to respond and resolve them (which may include but are not limited to technical, procedural, legal, behavioural, and proficiency).


The content for the program covers core competencies including knowledge, skills, and abilities relating to the identification, detection, protection against, response to, and recovery from an insider threat.


What makes this program and model different is that Cyber-Interns also acquire teamwork, problem solving, communication and presentation skills that are essential in a future cyber workforce. 

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